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Alliance of Libraries and Information Institutes

  • The Alliance of Libraries and Information Institutes (ALII) – established in 1990 - is a non-profit public organisation of libraries and institutes of information science, responsibles for professional representation and reconciliation of interests.
  • Its objectives include the development of the operation capabilities of the library system, the preservation of the valuable library pieces, the increase of the library and information service standards, as well as the validation of legal and professional requirements.
  • ALII has got 160 members. The highest decision-making committee is the general assembly, operating with the participation of all members. The Alliance consists of regional and other sections, classified by library-types, based on a professional principe.


     According to its fundamental rule, and in an effort to archieve its objectives, the organization fulfills the following duties:

  • Initiates and participates in the drafting of library-related rules, and in the information of standpoints.
  • Publishes expert opinions.
  • Takes steps against any provisions that interfere with the social interests materialized in libraries, or with the interests of certain libraries – making use of publicity.
  • ALII publishes a periodical titled KLL about ongoing issues and news related to library matters.
  • ALII issues an annual award "A Könyvtárügyért" to one of the nominated libriarians and library for the work carried out on library related matters.


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